VitaQ…Step beyond the future!

The future begins now – with the vitaQ, Heinen + Löwenstein opens a new chapter in anaesthesia and ventilation technology

Simply intelligent – vitaQ combines the options of an innovative anaesthetic system with the ventilation performance of a modern intensive care respirator. The differentiated peri- or post-operative ventilation of adults, children or newborns can now also be realized in the OP-area along with non-invasive ventilation. The advanced nebulizing function for volatile anaesthetics with modern measurement and regulation technology allows automatic control of the volatile anaesthetic, thereby reducing operator steps and anaesthetic usage.

Simply protective – With its easy and safe handling, Xenon was proven to be a reliable anaesthetic for clinical use. The absence of suitable anaesthetic respirators combined with high usage and costs has however until now prevented the use of Xenon as a routine anaesthetic. The future begins now with the vitaQ and its modular Xenon module. Xenon can now be cost-efficiently used both as an anaesthetic and for organ protection. The XeQapp guarantees minimum wastage at maximum speed when flooding with Xenon.

VitaQ..Step beyond the future!